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History of Henry County IL


Table of Contents


Signature of Owner
History of Henry County
The First Entry
Organization of Henry County
The First Election
County Seat
Morristown Colony
The Wethersfield Colony
Wetherfield Colony Churches
Bishop Hill Colony
County Courts
Kewanee Coal Interests
Kewanee Churches
Kewanee Schools
Kewanee Press (Newspapers)
Galva Business & Social Interests
Galva Schools
Galva Churches
Galva Press (Newspapers)
Cambridge Officials
Cambridge Press (Newspapers)
Cambridge Churches
Geneseo Township, Biographical Directory
Geneseo Business Directory
Cornwall Twp, Biographical Directory
Phenix Twp, Biographical Directory
Alba Twp, Biographical Directory
Hanna Twp, Biographical Directory
Hanna Twp, Business Directory
Cleveland Business Directory
Yorktown Twp, Biographical Directory
Colona Twp, Biographical Directory
Colona Twp Business Directory
Atkinson Twp, Biographical Directory
Atkinson Twp Business Directory
Edford Twp, Biographical Directory
Edford Twp Business Directory
Cambridge Twp, Biographical Directory
Cambridge Business Directory
Village of Ulah Business Directory
Munson Twp, Biographical Directory
Loraine Twp, Biographical Directory
Clover Twp, Biographical Directory
Woodhull Business Directory
Oxford Twp, Biographical Directory
Alpha Business Directory
Oxford Twp Business Directory
Galva Twp Biographical Directory
Galva Business Directory
Western Twp Biographical Directory
Orion Business Directory
Lynn Twp Biographical Directory
Lynn Center Business Directory
Opheim Business Directory
Annawan Twp Biographical Directory
Annawan Business Directory
Burns Twp Biographical Directory
Kewanee Twp Biographical Directory
Kewanee Business Directory
Andover Twp Biographical Directory
Andover Business Directory
Osco Twp Biographical Directory
Osco Business Directory
Wethersfield Twp Biographical Directory
Wethersfield Business Directory
Weller Twp Biographical Directory
Bishop Hill Business Directory
Nekoma Business Directory
Population of Henry County By Townships
Cambridge Schools
Geneseo Village Corporaton
Geneseo City Corporation
Geneseo Press (Newspapers)
Geneseo Schools
Geneseo Churches
Orion Schools
Orion Churches
Orion Corporation Officers
Andover Schools
Andover Churches
Annawan Incorporation
Annawan Churches
Atkinson Incorporation
Atkinson Churches
Township of Osco
Village of Osco
Churches of Osco Twp
Woodhull Schools
Woodhull Churches
Woodhull Press (Newspapers)
Woodhull Officials
Opheim (formerly Edwardsville)
Opheim Churches
Oakley (Green River Station)
Colona Schools
Colona Churches
Hanna Churches
Cornwall Twp Churches
Colona Twp Churches
Edford Twp Churches
Grand View M.E. Church
Bishop Hill Churches
Kewanee Churches
Yorktown Churches
Galva Twp Churches
Henry County Infirmary
County Schools
County Officers
Circuit Court
County Court
Board of Supervisors
Personal & Real Property Table
Official Vote of Henry Co 1876
Lodges and Associations
Henry County Agricultural Society
Old Settlers Second Annual Meeting
112th Regiment, IL Vol Infantry
124th Regiment, IL Vol Infantry
9th Regiment, IL Vol Infantry
57th Regiment, IL Vol Infantry
139th Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co K
66th Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co D
19th Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co H
43rd Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co C
33rd Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co A
17th Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co D
83rd Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co D
42nd Regiment IL Vol Infantry
151st Regiment IL Vol Infantry
102nd Regiment ILVol Infantry Co C
89th Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co G
14th Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co C
37th Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co B
18th Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co E
65th Regiment IL Vol Infantry
134th Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co H
148th Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co I
9th Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co G
7th Regiment IL Vol Infantry Co I
65th Regiment IL Vol Inf Co B
4th IL Cavalry Co M
Capt R.H. Graham Independ. Cav
Miscellaneous Units
"Too Lates"
Allan, Major James M., Geneseo
Ayres, Wm. A. Cambridge
Bassett, C., editor & proprietor, Kewanee Independent
Bell, J.D., Woodhull
Beveridge, P.H., County Treasurer, Edford Township
Blackburn, John (deceased), Kewanee
Blish, C.C., Pres, 1st Natl Bank, Kewanee
Blish, Sylvester (deceased), Early Settler of Wethersfield
Bronson, Ethel V., Kewanee
Crawford, Hon. Andrew, Ex-State Senator, Chicago, Former resident of Geneseo
Dunham, Charles, Geneseo
Gould, Maj. A., Cambridge
Harrington, Capt. R., Geneseo
Henderson, Gen Thos J., Member of Congress, Sixth Congressional District, Princeton
Hinman, Judge Julius S., County Judge, Cambridge
Howard, Capt Sullivan, Kewanee
Howe, I.H., (deceased), Late Brig. Gen, U.S.V.
Hurd, Dr. L., Wethersfield
Johnson, Capt. Olof (deceased), Galva
Kemerling, Jacob, Burns Twp
Kiner, Henry L., Geneseo, Editor of Henry County News
Kinzie, R.A., Geneseo
Little, Abner B. (deceased), Wethersfield
Little Henry G., Grinnell IA, An Old Settler of this County, Late of Kewanee
Little, R.A., Wethersfield
Page, O.E., Cambridge
Perry, Alfred W., Geneseo
Ridenour, Capt J.B., Woodhull
Sannquist, Rev P.M., Woodhull
Sawyer, Joseph A, Geneseo
Seaton, B.W., Editor, Prairie Chief, Cambridge
Shearer, Lewis, Cornwall Twp
Smithe, Geo. C., Editor of Chronicle, Cambridge
Stickney, Isaac, Clover Twp
Tenney, R.A., Chicago, Early Settler of Henry Co and Late of Kewnee
Warner, Hon. W.W., Western
Welton, Frank, County Clerk, Cambridge
Whitney, C.N., editor & proprietor, Kewanee Courier
Wilber, Rev Robert M. (deceased), Oxford Twp
Wilkinson, Lyman K., Munson Twp
Willard, John F. (deceased), An Early Settler of Wethersfield
Wilson, Geo. F.H., Cambridge