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1875 Henry County Atlas Patrons Lists

Burns, Cambridge, Clover, Colona and Cornwall Townships

The below listings of patrons to the “Atlas of Henry Co and the State of Illinois”,published by Warner & Beers, Chicago, were transcribed by Alice Gless and donated for the use of the Henry County ILGenWeb Project. 

The lists are NOT alphabetized, so you may wish to use the "find" function of your browser if searching for a specific surname. Only minor editing from the original has been done due to formatting for the website. Alice also used F as an abbreviation for Farmer and Stock Raiser to save typing time.


  Came To Name Occupation Nativity Henry Co. Ira Parker Farmer& Twp Spvr New York 1853 L. Woodruff Farmer and collector Knox Co., OH 1852 J. L. Jennings Farmer/Breeder Thoroughbred Short Horned Cattle, Berkshire Swine, etc. Illinois 1850 David Anderson Farmer Ireland 1864 O. R. Warner Farmer Canada 1846 Wm. D. Cross Farmer Ohio 1843 E. T. Cowl Farmer New York 1854 Simeon Matthews Farmer Connecticut 1849 John Martin F&SR,Breeder of Poland China Swine Ireland 1855 Lewis Brasel Farmer Tennessee 1856 John Taylor Farmer and Breeder of Thoroughbred Short Horned Cattle Pennsylvania 1860 John Rogers F&SR Belmont Co., OH 1852 W. H. Craig Farmer Pennsylvania 1868 E. W. Nelson Farmer Canada 1861 Hugh Eaton Farmer Ireland 1866 A. A. Taylor Farmer New York 1857 W. S. Charles Farmer London, England 1840 H. F. King Farmer New York 1865 George W. Carmean Farmer Pickaway Co., OH 1853 Almeron Reed Farmer New York 1868 R. F. Schoonover Farmer Ohio 1857 Walter W. Reed Farmer New York 1868 S. L. Edmonds Farmer Pennsylvania 1856 Edward Caldwell Carpenter Philadelphia, PA 1856 John Long Farmer Rockingham Co. VA 1857 Samuel Alexander Farmer Dutchess Co., NY 1844 George S. German Farmer Brown Co., OH 1856 B. T. McCulloh Farmer Fulton Co., IL 1852 J. T. Doty Farmer Henry Co., IL 1857 H. J. Brown Farmer Putnam Co., IL 1855 Daniel Allard Farmer Morgan Co., OH 1850 J. S. Hadsall Farmer/Proprietor Hadsall Coal Mine Luzerne Co., PA 1852 James J. Dickey Farmer Jefferson Co., KY 1855 Jacob Kemerling Farmer Columbiana Co OH 1837 Sivilian Lester Farmer NY 1840 Benj. J. Brown Farmer New York 1855 Wm. Cowden Farmer Ireland 1851 William Leonard Farmer Washington Co, PA 1840 Thomas E. Houle Farmer England 1851 Geo. W. Hovenden Farmer Peoria Co., IL 1866 Robert Atkin F&SR England 1859<hr>


P. H. Beveridge County Treasurer Aberdeenshire,Scotland 1852 
Peter Johnson County Sheriff Sweden 1845 
I. G. Ayers Attorney at Law Henry County, IL 1842 
S. B. Randall Express Agent Rutland Co., VT 1851 
J. S. Hinman County Judge & Attorney Hartford Co., CT 1851 
A. J. Johnson Physician Middlesex Co., MA 1858 
M. W. Thacher Prop,Cambridge House Norfolk Co., MA 1855 
I. H. Patten Circuit Clerk Hillsborough Co., NH 1857 
C. R. Wheeler Banker Hardin Co., OH 1871 
J. Stewart Dealer in Lumber Henry Co., IL 1849 
A. Gould Dealer in Grain Grafton Co., VT 1856 
S. C. Welton Dealer in Lumber New Haven County,CT 1843 
S. D. Alfred, Jr. Merchant Franklin Co., VT 1857 
Geo. C. Smithe Editor N.Pitcher,Chenango,NY 1867 
F. G. Welton County Clerk New Haven Co., CT 1843 
W. L. Dalrymple Clerk Knox Co., MI 1853 
R. G. Raymond Physician Chenango Co., NY 1853 
J. D. Lafferty Propr Livery Stable Armstrong Co., PA 1856 
David Waterman Confectioner Bradford Co., PA 1842 
L. F. Dimick Farmer and Miller Mercer Co., IL 1864 
I. C. Kinsey Druggist Coshocton Co., OH 1863 
B. W. Seaton Editor Yorkshire, England 1858 
H. P. Hart Manufacturer Otsego Co., NY 1866 
Svan John Brobery Cigars and Tobacco Sweden 1872 
E. A. Vaughan Manuftr Carriages,etc Windsor Co., VT 1873 
B. I. Hulin Manuftr Carriages,etc. Sweden 1873 
A. B. Lafferty Proprtor Livery Stable Armstrong Co., PA 1856 
Sylvester Rockwell Blacksmith Vigo Co.IN 1852 
Neal Glass Blacksmith England 1866 
Chas. Tomlinson Manuftr of Carriages Somerset Co.,ME 1870 
Wm. Orcutt Photographer Darke Co., OH 1856 
M. Underwood Farmer Lenawee Co., MI 1836 
M. McFadden Merchant Ireland 1869 
S. G. Boyd Merchant Lewis Co. KY 1859 
G. W. Dunlap Physician Highland Co. Ohio 1873 
G. W. Stroupe Carpenter/Builder Putnam Co., OH 1857 
E. Werbach Nurseryman Germany 1869 
F. S. Kline Collector Columbia Co. PA 1860 
S. E. Whipple Proprietor Hotel Tompkins Co., NY 1872 
W. A. Combs Railroad Agent Madison Co., NY 1871 
M. E. Hepburn Broker Philadelphia, PA 18?8 
N. B. Gould Township Supervisor Grafton Co., NH 1851 
M. S. Anderson Painter Sweden 1853 
Frank Lagerlef Harness Maker Sweden 1863 
J. B. Nichols Shoemaker -- -- 
Chas. Sedergren Shoemaker Sweden 1868 
P. D. Cederburg Saloon Sweden 1859 
C.J. Gruey Teacher Wayne Co., OH 1872 
Ira D. Marston Attorney York Co., ME 1856 
Chas. Stackhouse F&SR Bradford Co., PA 1846 
Wm. Stackhouse -- Chittenden Co., VT 1840 
Susan H. Jennings F&SR Pickaway Co., OH 1852 
Prof. D. Martin F&SR Bolton, Canada 1871 
Ainger Goodley F&SR England 1857 
Wilson Fierce -- Athens Co., OH 1862 
A. Dengel F&SR Germany 1865 
L. F. Matteson F&SR Sweden 1866 
J. F. York F&SR Monroe Co., NY 1855 
L. Y. Gould Butcher Grafton Co., NH 1868 
F. A. Cook Brick Maker Henry Co., IL 1842 
Henry H. Stewart Marble Manufacturer New York 1866 
George W. Iman Resident Armstrong Co., PA 1857 
John R. Longburg Agent Sweden 1868 
M. B. Bristol F&SR New York 1861 


Chas. Leist F&SR Germany 1857 
David Whitmore F&SR Morgan Co., OH 1840 
A. C. Brown F&SR Allegheny Co., PA 1852 
George J. Slater F&SR Muskingum Co., OH 1854 
Sarah M. Taylor F&SR Mercer Co., IL 1844 
William Forgy F&SR Morrow Co., OH 1854 
Wm. Root F&SR Cuyahoga Co., OH 1845 
Jesse B. Roberts F&SR Orange Co., IN 1852 
Alexander Munro F&SR Scotland 1859 
Alfred P. Foster F&SR Hillsboro Co., NH 1868 
James Walton Merchant Philadelphia, PA 1856 
Julius Tower Proprietor of Hotel Windham Co., VT 1858 
A. A. Skinner Proprietor of Hotel Franklin Co., PA 1865 
Geo. W. Atwood Insurance Agent, etc. Windsor Co., VT 1844 
M. F. Olson Merchant Sweden 1854 
Joseph Hardey -- Somerset Co., PA 1850 
W. A. Fraser Dealer in Grain, etc. New Haven Co., CT 1869 
Wm. Payton Postmaster Butler Co., OH 1855 
G. B. Eikes Merchant Fayette Co., PA 1867 
S. W. Neely Insurance Agent Huntingdon Co. PA 1851 
Chas. Wilkins Harness Maker Allegheny Co., PA 1864 
I. Stickney F&SR Windham Co., VT 1854 
Wm. M. Peck F&SR Monroe Co., NY 1863 
L. W. Turner F&SR Orange Co., NY 1861 
Geo. A. Wood F&SR Middlesex Co., MA 1866 
A. Maher F&SR Albany Co., NY 1856 
W. H. Simmons F&SR Bristol Co., MA 1854 
W. C. Stickney Farmer/Livestock Dealer Middlesex Co., MA 1853 
H. E. Houghton F&SR Windsor Co., VT 1851 
H. Stickney Farmer Middlesex Co., MA 1853 
Mrs. Lucy E.Houghton F&SR Windsor Co., VT 1853 
John Brown F&SR England 1863 
Stephen Mosher F&SR Cayuga Co., NY 1858 
Frank M. Jordan Farmer Noble Co., OH 1854 
J. W. Armstrong F&SR England 1869 
Isaac Litton F&SR Bedford Co., PA 1860 
James H. Newman F&SR Westchester Co NY 1854 
A. Stickney F&SR Windham Co., VT 1853 
Thomas S. McConnell F&SR Juniata Co., PA 1857 
Lewis W. Slauson Farmer/Stock Breeder Albany Co., Ny 1858 
W. N. Moody Farmer and Threshing Morrow Co., OH 1862 
Victor Raylander Barber Ostergotland,Sweden 1869 
P. M. Sannquist Pastor Swedish Church Smoland, Sweden 1865 
S. P. Peterson -- -- --  


B. I. Stafford F&SR, Road Commissioner Rutland Co., VT 1859 
John Glenn F&SR Henry Co., IL 1841 
James Glenn F&SR Lexington, KY 1835 
L. K. Colvin Farmer Kentucky 1851 
William J. Sharp Farmer Tennessee 1854 
Wm. Glenn F&SR Henry Co.,IL 1838 
Martha A. Walker Farmer Pennsylvania 1852 
Samp. N. Wynes Farmer Ohio 1868 
George Schafer Farmer/Poultry Raiser Germany 1864 
Samuel Hill Farmer Ohio 1865 
M. F. Wolcott Merchant Indiana 1867 
Chas. Perry Coal Operator Maine 1854 
Thomas Hodges Farmer Scotland 1839 
Frank Washburn Farmer Native 1853 
Daniel Guinty Farmer Ireland -- 
George Hillier, Jr. Farmer and Miner Canada 1854 
Robert Somerson Farmer and Miner England 1862 
Geo. W. Kincaid Farmer St. Clair Co., IL 1850 
Wm. McGonagil Farmer Ireland 1864 
P. C. Stewart Farmer Pennsylvania 1842 
Charles Huber Wagon Maker Germany 1862 
Joseph Durmann F&SR Germany 1864 
H. Washburn F&SR Illinois 1840 
F. W. Dormann F&SR Illinois 1868 
D. Dillon Farmer Ireland 1868 
C. Veestrom Farmer Sweden 1868 
Jacob Smith Merchant England 1855 
George Brown Merchant England 1856 
Andrew Grassau Boot and Shoe Dealer Germany 1865 
John Emmert Carpenter Germany 1855 
Anton Becht Wagon Maker Germany 1859 
Chas. Baum Farmer New York 1848 
J. W. Taylor Farmer White Co., IL 1844 
R. R. Sale, M.D. Physician Ohio 1863 
Geo. Brandenburg Farmer Maryland 1835 
J. L. Deem Carpenter and Farmer Germany 1858 
C. H. Dunlap Mason New York 1857 
William Ellingsworth Farmer Delaware 1854 
Andrew Burg Farmer Sweden 1862 
Jno. Gibbons Farmer Ireland 1856 
William Karshaw Farmer and Miner England 1857 
J. Caspari Farmer Prussia 1862 
E. J. Baum Farmer Herkimer Co., NY 1862 
Franklin Baum Farmer Herkimer Co., NY 1848 
T. W. Reese Druggist New York 1858 
John S. Lord Coal Operator Connecticut 1871 
Joseph Pershing Postmaster/Justice Peace Pennsylvania 1864 
O. P. Carroll Station Agent Illinois 1872 
Martin Peacock Farmer England 1864 
R. A. Smith Farmer and Supervisor Maine 1856 


Lewis Shearer Farmer and Supervisor Saratoga Co., NY 1850 
Amos Fry F&SR Knox Co., OH 1855 
Daniel Ketchum Farmer,Owner of Two 
  Normal Stallions 
  1400 lbs.Each Crawford Co., OH 1863 
John Fleming F&SR Clarion Co., PA 1855 
John Raisner F&SR Germany 1854 
A. E. Benedict Farmer and Assessor Addison Co., VT 1852 
E. F. Benedict Farmer Addison Co., VT 1852 
B. F. Henry Farmer Venango Co., PA 1852 
Lewis E. Hunt Farmer Cayuga Co., NY 1842 
Daniel Maloney Farmer Ireland 1852 
Jonn Romig F&SR Tuscarawas Co., OH 1854 
E. Ketchum F&SR Crawford Co., OH 1863 
S. A. Dickey Resident Chester Co., PA 1855 
Geo. Rote Farmer Warren Co., OH 1852 
T. T. Wright Farmer Belmont Co., OH 1855 
James Gallagher Farmer Ireland 1852 
Geo. Winter Farmer England 1858 
R. Broadbent Farmer England 1855 
Jacob Waachs Farmer Switzerland 1857 
Samuel Schwab Farmer Switzerland 1857 
John S. Farnam Farmer Grafton Co., NH 1852 
G. A. Harding Farmer England 1858 
William R. Wood Farmer Crawford Co., OH 1856 
Fred Kaiser Farmer Switzerland 1853 
James Riley Farmer Licking Co., OH 1850 
Isaac Slick Farmer Bedford Co., PA 1854 
A. Pitman Farmer Mercer Co., IL 1865 
Peter Colley Farmer Belgium 1857 
W. R. Greenlee Farmer Stark Co., IL 1852 
Wm. Benson Farmer Litchfield Co CT 1850 
James Parker Farmer England 1855 
A. P. Walker Farmer Switzerland Co IN 1868 
William M. Siders Farmer Ohio 1852 
Leonard Frank Farmer Ashland Co., OH 1856 
James S. Hamilton F&SR Westmoreland Co PA 1839 
James Southworth F&SR Erie Co., PA 1837 
John Steine Farmer Wayne Co., OH 1866 
J. P. Randall F&SR Cumberland Co. ME 1866 
John Nickerson Farmer Tioga Co., NY 1869 
W. W. Bradford F&SR Switzerland Co IN 1868 
William Porter F&SR Westmoreland Co., PA 1842 
Thos. J. Treckell F&SR Tippecanoe Co., OH 1848 
S. J. Murphy Farmer Allegheny Co., PA 1853 
C. H. Doty Farmer Rutland Co., VT 1861 
John Sours Farmer Germany 1857 
Edward Perkinson Farmer Ireland 1854 
William Grier Farmer Ireland 1848 
J. W. Emery Farmer Wayne Co., OH 1849 
Miss Sarah Harlin Resident Henry Co., IL 1855 
Silas M. Cady F&SR Genesee Co., NY 1849 
J. H. Clark Farmer Bedford Co., PA 1857 
Z. S. Nichols Farmer Sussex Co., NJ 1857 
W. C. Dickey Farmer Hardin Co., KY 1855 
Mrs. Charles Jack Resident Edinburgh, Scotland 1834 
W. R. Lewis Farmer Ohio 1850 
J. J. Tully Farmer Wayne Co., PA 1873 
John Emery Resident Fayette Co., PA 1849 
H. R. Dunbar Resident Kentucky 1841 
Jemima Dunbar Resident Franklin Co., PA 1841 
James Riley Farmer Licking Co., OH 1854 
John Sears Farmer Connecticut 1856